The Most Needy Facts About Accommodation for Students

last updated: 5/4/2022

Choosing which accommodation type is better for you based on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget is crucial. To make this process easy and smooth, we will introduce some key points to you.

Take a rest and choose your best.

Generally, you can pick one of two options: Live in a dorm or rent a home/flat.


If we talk about dorms, you should consider University Campus accommodation (typically halls of residence) and Private Dormitories.

Halls are blocks of flats housing lots of students with individual bedrooms with a shared kitchen. In some cases, bathrooms are also shared. We are going to share pros and cons of private dorms and university campus life.

Advantages :

  1. Socialization - Especially, if you’re shy or like to live with a group of people it is the best choice for you. You’ll make new friends quickly and get to participate in fun dorm events.
  2. Active life - Did you hear about some event membership opportunities? You can even take part in organizing these events in person. For example, what could be the scariest idea for Halloween? Think about it now!
  3. Safety - There are emergency boxes on the grounds of every dorm, and campus police (if you chose to live in college accommodation) are always nearby 24/7.
  4. Cafeteria and hygiene - You won’t need to do a lot of cooking, spend a long time at the grocery or clean up everywhere. They have cafeterias and cleaning staff!

Bonus: You can roll out of bed 10 minutes before class.


  1. Privacy - You do not have a chance to shut yourself to the room. Because mostly in dorms you will share your rooms with people. Sharing bathroom and kitchen are examples of this. 
  2. Freedom - Most campuses have policies that dictate behavior in on-campus housing. The university campuses especially have control over things like drinking, visitors, and furnishings.
  3. Cost - Especially private dormitories are more expensive. On other hand, on-campus housing in the UK and the US can be costly compared to off-campus housing. 

Majority of dorms require upfront payments. 


Renting a house is not a new experience for young people in many countries. Here we will tell you about the pros and cons of living at home.


  1. Flexibility - Living at home means not getting in "trouble" with dorm rules, food plans, and whether you’re allowed to do things.
  2. Freedom - You can eat and drink whatever you want every day and invite any friend you want to your house and make as much noise as you want like loud music. But be careful with neighbors. It would not be nice to disturb others and they can call the police even without warning you.
  3. Choice - You have the option to choose your roommates.
  4. Individuality - The biggest difference from the dormitory. Along with having your own room, you will not share the bathroom and kitchen with many people.


  1. Responsibilities - Obligations such as cleaning and cooking will be on you.
  2. Distraction - Living more freely and comfortably at home and away from the university campus can cause distraction from your studies.
  3. Community - You may have some great people in the neighborhood, but you will be distant from the community in university.

Still want to live at home and even alone?! Actually, you are not alone because we already made up a blog about how to live alone as a student. 

Vayentha Sandro