The Most Funny Ways to Boost Creativity

last updated: 12/16/2022

Make space for creativity and strengthen your skills

The funny detail that improves a person's skills, such as innovation, and critical thinking is creativity. However, we do not spend time on it.  

What is creativity?
It is the ability to do something in different ways from everyone else and to develop new ideas. In other words, creativity is seeing what everyone sees the same and thinking different things about it. Creativity is being able to look at daily events and objects differently from everyone else and improve a different approach.

Examples of creativity

  • An unusual or original approach to problems
  • Bringing together  cognitive elements or ideas
  • The process leading to a product worth the effort
  • Creating something new and useful
  • The process that produces something original and valuable
  • Seeing the same thing as others but thinking something different
  • The rare characteristic of human being

At the same time, creativity is a personal quality that distinguishes one both in education and career. This is what is so wonderful about creativity; you will both have fun and improve yourself while doing it! Here are some quick tips to make space and boost your creativity.  

Try New Things
Trying new things both prevents you from getting bored and keeps you to improve. The further you step out of your comfort zone, the more you learn. Although the subjects you learn may not seem to have anything to do with your career. But the knowledge you gain from them can be useful in other areas as well. 
Are curious what are they? Swipe down. 

Write Down Your Ideas 
To bring out your creative side, you need to get your thoughts out of your mind and put them on paper. We recommend that you try to write down all your ideas on paper. Just practicing writing down your thoughts will help you develop your creative thinking skills. The process of writing your ideas trains your brain to keep generating new ideas. 

Writing down the idea will help present it visually. Then by reading it, you can begin to hear about opportunities and challenges we haven't seen before.

Doodle at Spare Time
Making sketches in your notebook instead of dealing with the phone in your spare time is a fun way to use your time beneficially. Get a notebook that fits in your bag and start drawing what you see or imagine around you while you wait for your coffee.

At first, your sketches may seem very bad, but you will see that they improve as you draw. Stop judging whether your drawings are good anyway, just enjoy the moment and experiment.

Brainstorm Ideas
Brainstorming is a method that teams use to solve problems and generate ideas. This is a group activity. Brainstorming is a useful technique used in professional settings. It can also be a powerful tool to improve your creativity.
The more ideas you get, the better, because people can share ideas to increase creativity. It's easier to find solutions when you're lonely with your thoughts. Be careful to stay away from your original goal.

Be Curious
The way to improve yourself is by learning more. There are tons of ways to learn in the modern world. Plus, to learn, ask questions, and don't get hung up on how silly or meaningless the questions you ask are. Be excited about discovering your feelings and what motivates you, do not care what other people think. Instead of trying to look good, prefer looking interesting. That will also brighten your inspiration.  

Take Risks, Be Brave
Don't be afraid to try different things and make mistakes to get more creative results. Because creativity is also the process of trying wrong things until you find the right thing. If you're afraid of making mistakes, you won't be able to take risks and get out of your safe zone.
Nobody is perfect. Neither of your works do not have to be perfect. Sometimes your flaws are what make you special.


Vayentha Sandro