What Personal Qualities do Scholarships Look for?

last updated: 4/26/2022

Being awarded a scholarship is probably the best thing that can happen to a student - a true moment of happiness for all undergraduate and graduate students alike.

But it is not an easy task. Although the demands of each scholarship are different, there are common features that all scholars look for in candidates. What could be the things that will make the scholarship winners shine in the competition?

All right, first take a look some of the documents that you would have to gather.

1.Scholarship application form

2.Copies of transcripts/diplomas

3.Statement of purpose/Motivation letter

4.Letter of recommendation

5.CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume

6.Test scores

Let's get to the main subject :

Academic Preference

We must not ignore the academic background before personal qualities come. Because even in specialties such as art, your academic performance will be a key factor in earning a scholarship. Most scholarships even have a minimum score to be eligible to apply. Therefore, if it is not too late, focus on your success in your classes.


Leadership abilities will make you a good candidate for any scholarship. Being a leader shows that you are mature and able to take on responsibilities. It also shows that you are brave, confident, and responsible for any task you may encounter.

If you find your leadership skills insufficient, you can find a coach or enroll in any course.


Creativity is an irresistible quality that is required of us everywhere. If a person's creativity is well developed, he has great advantages in innovation and problem-solving. Remember that creativity is about being different and influential. So, scholarship providers will pay a lot of attention to this.

If you need to develop your creativity, we have already prepared a guide for you.


A scholarship application is not a good place to be humble. You have to put on deep confidence and be self-assured during that applying period. While general confidence directs to a person’s character or personality, academic confidence more closely reminds a unique ability to accomplish a set of tasks. Scholarship committees think that if a person has enough perfect and necessary qualities, then they are that confident. And this stuff will need you, especially in interviews.

Remember, self-confidence is the most beautiful accessory.


Being active also means that you have developed communication skill and your are getting along well with people. Plus, it shows you are sensitive to the environment and world. Volunteering and community work are the best proof that you are an active person . If you have spent time volunteering and you have a passion for teamwork, then underline that in your application. Scholarship committees care a lot about it.


In fact, there has passion at the root of all we talked about. Because without it, it is difficult for a person to succeed. Whether it's a letter you write or an interview you join, you need to show how passionate you are. Especially in the interview, you can impress them with your gestures and tone of voice.


Put it in your head - you can do this. The only person who makes barrier to your goal is yourself. When there’s a dream, there’s always a way.

Vayentha Sandro