Choosing Between Two or More Universities

last updated: 12/27/2022

What comes to mind when you think of university life? Lying on the grass, making fun memories with your friends, and of course, building a better future!

To have a wonderful student life that you will remember with a smile on your face, you should pay attention to certain things when choosing a university.

Make a career choice before university

Have you decided which profession you want to pursue?

Because you will spend your next several years doing it, and then the next up to 40 years working. If you have questions in your head about your choice, we already made a guide for you. You probably would not want to waste your money and time. Because with the wrong decision you will realize Law is not for you when you want to be a historian. Choosing the right specialty gives a better direction in choosing a University.

The success of universities in the professional field

The theory is always very valuable, yes, but during the education period, what the student will learn professionally and what he will contribute to himself is also very important. Therefore, it is necessary to research and examine the academic staff of universities.

Who are your teachers? What academic studies do they have? Can they add something to you or do they read from the slide? I'd say pay special attention to this. Find any contact with alumni.


Research centers of universities are among the most important factors that will provide students with professional competence. If the areas where theory will turn into practice are not provided by the school, it will be pointless to talk about educational success. To understand this, you can check whether the schools have accreditation documents. This document is issued by national or international organizations to certify the quality of the education provided. And there are different accreditation boards for each department. Accreditation information is usually found on the university’s website in the About or Admissions sections.

Social and physical opportunities

Social opportunities may sound like an extra to you when you first hear them. But in fact, they are one of the essential criteria. While choosing, it is useful for you to consider the physical and social capabilities of the schools. These are very important in terms of both personal and social development.

For instance, each university has its own list of unique teams and clubs. If you are into a specific sports type, you should search for teams in the university to make sure there’s something to match your hobby.

Not fun with sports? No problem. Make sure you get to know what kinds of clubs each school has and which are of interest to you. Joining a club or a team can be a nice way to socialize and make new friends.

Tuition fee

The student who has accommodation, transportation, food, books, and other miscellaneous expenses also has tuition fees, right? There are many universities around the world that offer very high-quality education with affordable tuition fees. 

The location of the university also plays a role in this. When looking for a university, find out if the financial terms of the location suit you.

At that point, we have great news. Read about the scholarship.

You may have researched university rankings. Universities are ranked on factors such as global research reputation, publications, and the number of highly cited papers. 

Vayentha Sandro