What and How Do I Choose a Specialty for the Future?

last updated: 4/26/2022

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius

Some people may make wrong decisions due to sudden passions or lack of information. Still can't decide? Or do you think you made the right decision? You need to consider some subjects such as skills,lifestyle and most of them, your life mission. Let’s pay attention to these following guides. 


The things we are passionate about are what make us who we are. Through our passions, we find the strength and belief to go after something.

Do you know your passions? To explore, all you have to do is sit and make a list. Write down everything you want to do.

Look at the things that catch your attention in your daily life. Do you follow the political news with curiosity every day? Or are you into sharing what you know with people and teaching them? Or do you see yourself working against the Coronavirus in the laboratory, like someone who loves microbiology?

Which of these would make you the happiest?

-Spend time with formal papers

-Helping others

-Being among the people or being alone with your laptop in your room?

-Making people admire you under the spotlights on stage?

Stress level and daily routine

“Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek

No matter how much we love a job, sometimes we have to consider our stress level. You may need professional support as a psychologist. You can also consult a person who works in this field.


As you progress in your career, tasks that were once difficult will become easier. When that happens, you are left with two options. For the rest of your career, you may put in little effort just to achieve above-average results, or you may face new challenges in areas where success is not guaranteed. . But do not let the fear of the unknown keep you in your comfort zone.


The important thing in your career life is whether the lifestyle you choose is suitable for you. There are many factors to consider in this regard. Do you want to work 9-5 or an active position where you can travel 24/7?It is quite relatable with passion.

Let's take a brief look at the design example. If you like to mingle with people and have a tendency to a fun and bright life, fashion design is for you. If you want to sit at Starbucks and try to find an idea for a customer's next ad post, graphic design might be for you.

Required skills

Talent is something that is innate and shaped by the influence of education and environment.

Long story short, let's talk about 2 abilities that you should look at when choosing a career and thinking about your educational life.

a) Verbal Ability: It means the power of learning things expressed with words, perceiving and solving problems, and expressing thoughts clearly and accurately. Verbal ability is required in social sciences (such as History, Geography, Philosophy, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Linguistics, Public Relations, Press and Publication).

b) Numerical Ability: It shows the power of solving problems expressed with numbers .Also points to learning numerical concepts more quickly. It is a necessary skill for success in all basic sciences (such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astronomy), but also in health sciences such as Medicine, veterinary and engineering.

The career you choose will allow you to develop new skills, get additional training and increase your knowledge.


Money is one of the main motivations we need when working. A high salary helps people to meet basic human needs and enhances their living quality. Of course, the salary of each profession varies from country to country. And the salary in each country can change according to living standards.

But it all depends on your future plans and success.

The highest paying careers are Medicine, Engineering and Law. But keep in mind that the digital world is increasing year by year. Fields like Information Technology and jobs that are related to this area will be at the front place.

With a bit of research and support you'll find out your best decision.

Vayentha Sandro