How to live alone

last updated: 12/27/2022

Living alone as a student may seem  a bit scary. Especially, if it is the first time in your life that you are going to both focus on your studies and manage your life all on your own.  No worries, we have tips to make life easier for you! 

Basic needs

Cook, clean the house, iron clothes, etc. Even reading them can be annoying. But you will either pay extra to eat out every day, or you will learn to cook, which is the most basic need. Remember that having fun while doing something will help you to get over it.

Learn to manage your budget

That is the crucial part, right? Do not worry, we have already prepared directions. So that you will learn how to save money and manage your budget in the best way.

Let's look at the simplest examples - to know the location of the bus stop, to get the cheapest grocery store or household stuff… Most importantly, if you need help, always ask for help from people around you. Remember that everyone has been in your place at least once.

It's Okay to Feel Lonely

And that is okay. But you are one call away from this. Is it exam week? Study with a buddy. Got bored? Make small parties and invite your friends. Ask the neighbor to come over and make long interesting conversations.

You Can Do It!

Living alone is a great chance to discover yourself and survive on your own. Do not forget that the people who are happy with themselves are the luckiest ones in this world.

Vayentha Sandro